A little bit about me.

I am a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist working in London, with a particular interest in the therapeutic quality of each practice. I am a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher and a part of the teaching faculty on a BWY Diploma course. I am trained in therapeutic, deep tissue and 'Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy', working in Central London clinics and onsite within various businesses. Read my writings here, and get in contact here if you would like to say hello!

The full story. 

I discovered Yoga at around the same time that I moved to London from Dorset in 2004, to pursue my dream of the time of studying Art History. Adjusting to the quickened pace of my daily life in London, managing an existing tendency of high anxiety and an eating disorder, along with a fresh dose of excitement and lots more anxiety, I found in Yoga a much needed grounding practice when I by chance discovered it at my local gym. I had no idea at the time that the teacher there was so unusual in her style; she guided us through a class unlike any i’ve been to since, with the lights dimmed, and our eyes closed. For the first time in a very long time, I felt a connection with my body, without being concerned at all about the way I looked.

That initial discovery gave me a glimpse of feeling non-critical, pleasurable connection with my body. I couldn’t wait to practice more yoga. I submerged myself into lots of practice with different teachers. I discovered Catherine Annis at the Life Centre, and the Scaravelli-inspired way of working, which felt very nurturing to me, less ambitious, not about achieving a precise shape with my body, but tuning in to the way different movements felt. It made my body feel spacious and light, and my attitude towards myself much calmer and more kind. I can now reflect back and see how much more connected I am to myself at this very moment, to the way I am feeling. When I feel good I connect with that, when I feel anything other than good I also connect with that, recognise it, but recognise also that it is a fleeting feeling and less likely to be weighed down by it. I recognise more easily what I want and what I don’t want in my life, respond to that, and express that. I think my Yoga practice has allowed me to keep my feet firmly grounded amidst all of the changes in my life. As a result, I behave for the most part in a way that keeps me (for the most part) healthy, happy and well.

In the 'What is Yoga'? section I wrote about how, for some, Yoga is a spiritual practice. It is for me, but in a non-dogmatic way. I believe our body is our Guru - and I believe this quote from Cass Phelps sums it up simply and beautifully: 'We know where we are by our breath, where we are breathing from, how deeply and how fluidly, and how our heart is beating".

I completed my British Wheel of Yoga teacher training with Catherine Annis and Kate Ellis over a two year period from 2012 - 2014 and then assisted them on their next training for another two years. 

In my yoga classes, I aim to create a space for people to spend time with themselves, move, breathe and simply be. This was the joy that I experienced when I first discovered Yoga and continue to, and this is what I would like to pass on. I’m extremely interested in learning about the human body, not interested in sticking rigidly to rules, but experimenting and being open to discover what suits each unique body and mind. I am focused on healthy alignment in Yoga postures, which I have been fortunate enough to learn about by working with teachers like Catherine Annis, Kate Ellis, Aki Omori and Donna Farhi.  I have discovered different approaches to the traditional form of yoga postures, which take into consideration that we each have different physical structures, and different mental, physical and emotional responses to particular movements, therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  I aim to adapt my teaching to what I see within the room and to respond to that - so most of the time I will plan a class, but the people there will guide me in another direction.  I believe that teacher and students meet on a level, and share a space where we can learn from each other.

I have a passion in learning and communicating about the body, Alongside my Yoga practice, I have studied various forms of Massage Therapy and I practice this at clinics in Central London, and onsite within different businesses. During my initial training in therapeutic massage in 2009, I completed a research project investigating the effect of massage upon people with high anxiety and depression (I worked with a group of six people over six months, and they responded positively overall to their weekly massage and believed that it helped them with their symptoms of depression / anxiety).  I believe firmly in the therapeutic quality of touch, and am very happy to be able to offer this through massage therapy.

I am an animal lover, keen walker, explorer, traveller and Burning Man pilgrim. I love yoga, and playing with movement, which was a relatively late discovery in my life, and this discovery has affirmed to me that we should be open to new things arriving in our life with the potential to change everything for us! Being open to moving, experiencing, feeling, connecting with ourselves and with others will make our experience of life that much richer.