Something I noted down in June 2014, after a yoga practice:

I was surprised last night to feel so much happening in my body. Gradually, feeling more, sensations coming to life within me. I could sense the very edges of my body and the whole shape of a movement- a curve, a wave, a sweeping line, from one edge of myself to another. I was also suddenly aware of the space around me, gently holding me, and the sensations of moving through it, the softness of the air on my skin. I sensed my breath as a rhythmic wave, emerging out from my centre, before furling back, it would dissolve within my body to actually form my movement, power it, I was being moved by my breath. What had I felt before? With the new, vibrant feelings of that moment I realised how much there is there to notice, if we are open to receive it. How open and receptive to the moment is it possible to be, how much more is there to feel and experience?